Who Is

Ellery grace?

Ellery Grace is an actress, born and raised in CT. Now living in Brooklyn NY to fulfill her dream of being a screen actor.  She grew up on stage from a young age, finding a love for the compassion she felt for each character she embodied. 

After majoring in acting for one year at university, Ellery decided to fully switch her focus from stage acting to film. 

Since then Ellery has been the lead in several short films, as well as written and directed her own.

Breathing through the lines and emotions with the breath work she was taught by buddhist monks in the mountains of China, Ellery is able to portray her characters with honesty, vulnerability, and the strength to become someone new the moment action is called.

So far working on short films she has been a grip, a lighting technician, an AD, filmed, edited, and color graded footage for national brands, done hair and makeup, headed special effects makeup, consulted on stunt coordinating (From her background practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and MuayThai Kickboxing over the past four years) as well as worked as 2ndAD on a documentary, and worked as a set PA, Office PA, and locations assistant on the set of “The BloodLine Killer.”

Apart from acting, Ellery has made it a goal to work in every department on set to nourish a deeper level of respect for all positions she works and will continue to work with throughout her career.

Throughout her career Ellery has been trained in multiple acting methods, favoring Stanislavsky, and Stella Adler the most.

The power to make someone feel something they never thought they could, or should, or needed to through the roles I embody, is a gift I will never take for granted.


A collection of my
best moments


Acting Reel

Intro to Me


A stressful moment before a meet, relieved by a cigarette.
“Sounds”  by James Grilley

A time of reflection for Lydia.
My first short film I wrote, directed, produced, and starred in.  “And When She Woke” By Ellery Grace

A moment between lovers before things go away.
“And When She Woke” By Ellery Grace

A feeling of release, acceptance, and defeat.
“No, It’s Ok” by Ariel Silva


Behind the Scenes



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